Convoy M3-C LED Flashlight Direct Charge Flashlight 4300lm Built-in Temperature Protection

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Main Features:
Input voltage: 2.8-4.2V, the maximum output current of 5A

1. Click the boot into the brightness of the front of the last shutdown, press enter stepless dimming switch (increased brightness), press the switch again to release the switch into the long stepless dimming (luminance decrease). Stepless dimming range (1-100%) to the highest or the lowest or highest flashed to prompt the lowest luminance. Luminance flashlight may be loosened after the memory switch. After the temperature reached 55 degrees luminance driver starts slow down, the brightness of the flashlight will decrease as a reference, the luminance after the next boot is lowered.

2. Press the off state from 0.5 seconds to ultra-low light 0.01A (0.2%), click off, the reaction is not as long press (not ultra-low light memory).

3. Double-click on any state to 100% (extremely bright portion belonging electrodeless lighting at this time, click shutdown, can press stepless dimming. With memory) extremely bright

4. Blow off state switch 3, enters strobe (50% brightness) without a memory function, click back to the original state. Not as long press reaction.

5. Blow off state switch 4, to enter tactical burst mode, where only a range of 100%. Press the switch directly open very bright 100%, let go off the lamp. 4 Exit tactical strike mode. Tactical mode also has temperature control.

6. Any strike the state switch 5 into a voltage indicative of the flash, a flash luminance of 1% (the number of times the blinking of LED, corresponding to a voltage, such as LED flashes *** ******* meaning pause voltage of 3.7V. click back to the original state.

7. 6 hit the off state switch, stepless dimming switches to conventional modes of fourth gear (1% -10% -30% -100%), click switch, press the switch gear. To switch back and stepless dimming, 6 strike shutdown switch.

8. Click the switch 10 turned off, to enter a locked state, the lamp blinks twice with 1% luminance representative to the lock, the locked state regardless of a short press or long press 1 batter flash tips are in a locked state. 10 again hit unlock, unlock noted that this is the only method, taking into account the heavy vibration misunderstanding lock flashlight battery cathode copper pillar will instantly separate the drive power failure caused by this particular case, the end cover detached manually releasable batteries It can not be unlocked.

9. Voltage protection function: When the voltage is lower than 3V stepless dimming range 1% work automatically jump mode, except ultra-low light. But may also, that if the dimming is performed jumps back to remain below 1% 3V. Lower than 2.8V automatic shutdown.

Power supply: Section 1 IMR26650 or IMR18650 (Continued persistent current greater than 11A, note that a non-pulse current)


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